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A Wildlife Special


As much as I love the wet season, there is no doubt that thirst drives great wildlife experiences in the dry season. The following images and videos were taken on a phenomenal ten-day safari in northern Tanzania at the beginning of September.

Fitting arrival at Oliver's Camp in Tarangire National Camp

Alone with two beautiful male lions in Tarangire National Park

Typical elephant scene in Tarangire National Park.

A beautiful camp to arrive to at the end of a long day of wildlife viewing. Lemala, Ngorongoro.

A beautiful scene in the morning on the crater rim. This photo was taken with iPhone and has not been edited.

A leopardess poses on a rock in the sunset. We stayed with her for a couple hours as she roared (video here)

This cheetah mother poses in the beautiful afternoon light on the Serengeti plains.

This lioness was hunting in the morning light in the Serengeti plains. We followed her for about 20 minutes.

Ethan Kinsey